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Decide on Customized Patterns and Designs with Our Help

We’ve all browsed furniture and home improvement stores, found the ideal finishing touch to our design—in the wrong color. This scenario is incredibly frustrating and leaves many of us wishing we could change just one aspect of our favorite pieces. With a little help from Bath Makeover, you can renovate your bathroom with customized patterns and colors. We serve Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas with excellent design choices and guidance from our professional team. We’ll help you narrow down your options when it comes to patterns and designs, as well as provide out expert input as requested.

remodeled bathroom

Design a Bathroom Unique to You

We all value our individuality. Now you can reflect what makes your style unique in the finishes you choose for your bathroom. Whether you prefer a traditional aesthetic or learn more toward something out-of-the-ordinary, you’ll find something at Bath Makeover to match your personality. Our customers find plenty of options, no matter their favorite color or design era. Our team can craft designs using a specific element as a centerpiece, or we can start from scratch. The end result is a bathroom unique to you!

Custom Engraved Patterns for Your Shower

Want to engrave a custom pattern into your brand-new shower? We can match a variety of patterns, including repeating diamonds, hexagons, and much more. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, we can even manipulate the color to imitate stone or metal. All our materials are recognized for their durability, as well as their ability to resist mold and mildew. Not only will you have a unique shower design, but you’ll also be off the hook for extensive maintenance.

Finish Your Remodel in Just One Day

Once you’ve decided on patterns, colors, and designs for your finished bathroom, it’s time to get down to business. Our team will visit your Phoenix home and begin the renovation process. Most remodeling companies take days upon days to complete a single project, but our fantastic team can wrap up most jobs in about a day. Plus, Bath Makeover‘s premier services don’t break the bank either!

Get the Bathroom of Your Dreams with Bath Makeover