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Try Speedy One-Day Remodel Services from Bath Makeover

How often have you considered a bathroom remodel, but stepped away because of the time and cost? You certainly don’t have all the time in the world to dedicate to renovations, between work, family, and social obligations. However, Phoenix, AZ residents now have a solution when they need a speedy remodel that doesn’t break the bank. Bath Makeover is proud to offer Phoenix residents and those living in the surrounding areas specialized remodel services. We can be in and out of your home in as little as one day, leaving you with a brand-new bathroom to enjoy.

remodeled shower

In and Out of Your Home in One Short Day

When we tell people about our one-day remodels, they often respond with disbelief. However, our experienced team is more than capable of completing your bathroom remodel with attention to detail at record speed. We never compromise on quality, and if we run into snags, you’ll be the first to know. At Bath Makeover, we believe bathroom renovations shouldn’t rob you of your valuable time, so we’ll work diligently to make sure you get to enjoy your updated bathroom as soon as possible.

Let Us Help Remodel Your Master or Half Bath

Our one-day remodels are perfect for master and small bathrooms alike. Our team can take care of everything, from installing double vanities or conserving space for a luxurious bathtub. Before we start the renovation process, feel free to explore your options for bath conversion! If you have a shower but would prefer a bathtub, or vice versa, we can accommodate you. Simply talk to our team about your dream bathroom, and we’ll let you know if we can make it happen in one short day.

Partner with Us for Your Bathroom Remodel

No matter your design preferences or lifestyle, Bath Makeover can help you create the bathroom you’ve always wanted. Unlike other remodeling companies, we won’t bog down your schedule with days, or even weeks, of renovation. Most of our renovation projects can be completed in just one day with the standard of quality and attention to detail you expect. What’s more, we strive to make one-day remodels affordable for our Phoenix, AZ customers. Regardless of your budget, we want you to have the bathroom you desire.

Get the Bathroom of Your Dreams with Bath Makeover